Common Questions about Owning a Pool Table


What size room will I need to set up my pool table?
See our room dimensions chart (Click Here.)

What is the difference between a slate table and a non-slate table ?
Quality tables will have a bed made from Italian slate. Italian slate is much more durable and will last virtually forever. Non slate tables have a bed made usually from compressed board, these tables are mainly used for kids. They do not tend to last long.

What kind of cloth – felt should I use on my table?
There are several different types and brands of cloth – felt to use. The most common is “Standard”, this cloth – felt is an 80% wool/ 20% nylon blend of cloth.. The other option is professional cloth – felt which is 100% worsted wool, making it more durable and longer lasting. The advantages of this cloth – felt is that it tends to provide a faster playing game, but is somewhat more expensive.

When should I replace my cloth – felt ?
When your game playing is affected, the cloth – felt is ripped or torn, or you just want to change the color of the cloth. You will generally replace the RAIL cloth – felt, and the BED cloth – felt at the same time.

When should I replace the cushions ?
These are usually one of the last things that need to be replaced. But they will dry rot affecting your play. One of the most common things that do happen to the cushions, is that they come apart from the rails. This is usually caused from someone sitting on the table. If you decide to have your table recovered this would be a good time to replace the cushions.

Can I move my table without disassembling it?
We recommend that you never move a table in one piece. Reason being is when you move a table in one piece the slates will shift and usually will crack. Also the strain on the rails causes the cushions to come apart. If you need assistance in disassembling your table. Call us.